Will the body hair shave more and more? Five hair removal methods big PK, it’s not too late to know

Summer is another season for fairies to compete. Compared with all kinds of hats, gloves and black stockings in autumn and winter, summer is to show their arms, thighs and small waist, especially those who have worked out in the gym.

However, not all girls have the confidence to show. Some girls with relatively strong androgen have common troubles: more moustaches, armpit hair, leg hair and sweat than others. They can only flinch from suspender skirts, shorts and short skirts.

Depilation method big PK

At present, there are several common hair removal methods: direct scraping with a hair scraper, using hair removal cream, hair removal wax, laser hair removal in hospital and household hair removal instrument.

  1. The shaving knife can only remove the surface hair

Part of the hair is outside the skin, but the root is in the hair follicle of the skin. Directly using a hair scraper can only scrape away the exposed part, but the root of the hair is still in the hair follicle. “The wild fire can’t burn out, and the spring breeze blows again.” the young people have a strong metabolism and grow back the next day, so the shaving knife is only a temporary cure, not a permanent cure

In addition, the use of a shaving knife in some delicate parts of the skin may also scratch the skin and cause skin damage. Generally speaking, a razor is more suitable for men to shave.

  1. Honey wax depilation will be very painful

Wax depilation is a physical depilation method, which uses sticky wax to stick the hair to be removed, and then tear it off. The effect of wax depilation will be better than that of a hair scraper, and it can be used in a wide range. Because wax depilation makes the hair uprooted, the hair will grow out for a long time, and the depilation effect can be maintained for a long time.

However, the process of wax depilation is relatively painful. Pulling out a hair already feels painful. It’s conceivable that it’s sour and cool to pull it out in pieces.

  1. The effect of laser hair removal is good, but the cost is relatively high

Laser hair removal is to go to a hospital or beauty salon and ask someone else to remove your hair. The hair follicle is directly destroyed by laser, so that the hair can no longer grow. This depilation method is more obvious than the traditional method. The hair growth in some parts is very slow after laser depilation, and some parts no longer grow hair directly.

Of course, the cost of laser hair removal will be much higher than traditional methods, and it must be carried out in formal hospitals or beauty institutions to avoid unnecessary trouble.

  1. Household hair remover is more convenient for hair removal

General household hair removal instrument uses strong pulse light to destroy hair follicles to achieve the purpose of hair removal, which is similar to the principle of laser hair removal. Buying a household hair remover may cost more than going to the hospital for hair removal, but you can always use it yourself. In the long run, it may be more cost-effective than going to the hospital for hair removal.

One of the major advantages of home hair removal instrument is that it has high privacy. You can get hair removal in some private parts by yourself. It should be reminded that when purchasing a household hair removal instrument, you should choose one with high quality and operate according to the specifications.

The above is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of some common hair removal methods. No matter which way you depilate, you should pay attention to safety in the process and choose a suitable hair loss method. After all, it is used on your own skin. In case of injury caused by careless operation, the gain is not worth the loss

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