Advantages of semiconductor hair removal

Semiconductor hair removal is convenient and fast, and will not affect work, study and life.

Compared with electroacupuncture depilation:

Semiconductor laser and electroacupuncture technology can achieve permanent hair removal, but in comparison, electroacupuncture hair removal is painful, long time, and easy to leave pigment and scar; Laser hair removal is faster, more comfortable and has fewer side effects.

Compared with traditional laser hair removal:

The commonly used laser and non laser sources (strong light) for hair removal are Ruby (694nm) laser (epilaser, epitouch, chro MOS) and Alexandrite (755nm) laser (photonicalpir).

The melanocytes in normal skin have strong absorption of these two wavelengths, while the slightly red normal tissues around hair follicles have weak absorption. This method has the best therapeutic effect for Caucasians with less melanocytes and black or brown hair; For Asians, there are certain side effects, such as depigmentation and pigmentation, because the ruby laser depilation treatment is limited to the melanin in the epidermal cells, and the melanin in the epidermis may interfere with the penetration of the laser to the epidermis, reduce the energy reaching the hair follicle germinal cells and affect the effect of depilation.

The effect of alexandrite laser hair removal is better, but there are relatively many side effects. Therefore, the above two laser treatments have become less and less.

The new generation of laser therapeutic instrument has been greatly improved compared with the past:

The adjustable pulse width, energy and irradiation time, due to their high specificity and selectivity, and the synchronous cooler system, can reduce the potential possibility of light damage to the tissues around the hair follicle. Therefore, hair of different thicknesses can be removed. The cooling device in front of the launcher minimizes the discomfort of depilation.

Whether it is thin lip hair, thick and hard beard, leg hair, pubic hair and body hair in bikini area (exposed part when wearing bikini swimsuit), it takes only a few minutes for those with small treatment range, and about half an hour for those with large treatment range. It has high efficiency, less pain and discomfort. More importantly, it has few complications and does not affect work, study and life.

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