Do you know the history of laser hair removal?

Excess hair is a universal beauty problem perplexing women and men. The traditional hair removal methods include shaving, wax hair removal, tweezers, mechanical hair removal, chemical reagent hair removal, etc. their role is only temporary. The common disadvantage is that hair regenerates quickly.

Although electrolysis and thermolysis can effectively destroy hair follicles, they are cumbersome and time-consuming, and have the disadvantages of low efficiency, low curative effect, obvious pain and possible scar.

In order to effectively, conveniently and safely remove excess hair on the body surface, according to the principle of selective photothermal action, scientists have designed a variety of laser systems and strong pulse light source systems to significantly reduce discomfort when people receive large-area hair removal treatment, and minimize scar formation and other complications. At present, permanent hair loss can be achieved by using modern optical technology.

As early as the 1960s, Goldman first described the destructive effect of ruby laser on hair follicle melanin, but it was not used clinically. In the 1980s, ohshiro described hair loss after ruby laser treatment of pigmented nevus, but the epidermis was also seriously damaged.

In 1993, Wilman Medical Optics Laboratory of Harvard University began to use ruby laser for hair removal. Then ruby laser and Nd: YAG laser were successively used in clinical hair removal treatment, but their parameter design is not ideal. After that, the new intense pulsed light system also began to be used in hair removal treatment. Since then, the optical hair removal technology has been basically mature.

In 1997, Wilman Medical Optics Laboratory began to use semiconductor laser hair removal instrument for clinical treatment, and achieved remarkable curative effect. The early laser had low therapeutic effect due to its large volume and complex operation.

As the world’s largest medical laser company, after decades of clinical development and continuous improvement, the company has launched a new semiconductor laser hair removal system – electrodolysis permanent hair removal machine, which has become the main means of permanent hair removal with its characteristics of convenience, speed, safety and efficiency, which is difficult to achieve by traditional methods.

Hair removal is safe, fast, efficient and lasting. The treatment does not affect perspiration, rest, work and study. At present, the best laser hair removal device has become the “gold standard hair removal instrument” in the field of hair removal treatment.

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