Do you know the mysterious veil of laser hair removal?

What are the commonly used hair removal methods now? Which method works best? What should you pay attention to before and after depilation? Let’s hear what the experts say?

Hairiness brings incomparable troubles to people. A beautiful girl with hairy armpits and upper arms will make you unable to show your jade arms carefree in summer; Hairy lower limbs make you unable to show your slender and charming legs generously: flowers bloom in spring, clothes become thinner, and some women begin to worry about the thick body hair on their armpits, arms and legs. In order to wear sleeveless shirts, some women ask to take off too thick armpit hair. Some want to take off the black and thick hair on their small legs before wearing short skirts. In addition to the methods we usually use such as depilation cream depilation and hot wax depilation, more and more girls begin to consider simple and effective laser depilation.

What are the commonly used medical plastic depilation methods? Which method works best? What should you pay attention to before and after depilation?

Uncover the mystery of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the best

Now there are many common hair removal methods. Which hair removal method do you think is the best?

At present, there are two kinds of depilation methods: non thermal dynamic depilation method and thermal dynamic method. Non thermal power methods, such as scraping, pulling, wax depilation, depilation cream, depilation cream, etc; Thermal power depilation, such as electroacupuncture, photon and laser depilation. Only thermal power depilation can achieve the effect of permanent depilation. Among several thermal power depilation methods, laser depilation has the best effect, which is suitable for any unsightly hair on the body surface.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal over other hair removal methods?

Laser hair removal is really better than photon hair removal. What’s good about it? First, the overall depilation effect is better, and second, it is faster. Laser is much faster than photons. Photons pass through each spot and kill cells through hair follicles, resulting in hair follicle atrophy. Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument produces light with 850 nm wavelength, which has the best effect on melanocytes. It can make hair follicles shrink rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal. We first used 650 nm and 800 nm, which are some distance away. Now we use 850 nm semiconductor laser hair remover. The advantages of laser hair removal are the two advantages I just mentioned. One is fast, the other is highly targeted and has a good effect. For general hair follicles, it is generally better to do it two to three times. He has a better effect on thick hair. If it is thick, melanin in hair follicles is better. The effect on the hair follicles of the limbs is generally four to five times.

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