Do you want to be wild or smooth your skin?

Body hair is one of the characteristics of the human body, but men hate women to have body hair. The more hair a woman has, the more distance a man feels towards her. In men’s eyes, women’s hair represents the evolution of civilization or barbarism.

Men feel that the closer a woman’s body hair is to the fluff, the better. No is the best, which will make men feel very clean and comfortable. Men want women to have no grass in other parts except hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and body hair in private places.

Men are more concerned about women’s armpits, lips and legs. There should be no body hair. The body hair of these parts must be kept clean. When handling body hair, you must be thorough and do it in place. If it is not in place, you will feel like you are trying to cover up and covering up.

Comparatively speaking, Chinese women’s body hair is better than foreign women. Compared with foreign women, Chinese women have no advantages in height and fullness, but have advantages in body hair.

In the past, it was not popular for women to shave their armpit hair. At that time, they wore more clothes, their bodies were wrapped, and their armpit hair was rarely exposed. It basically belonged to the hair of women’s private parts. When a man accidentally sees a woman’s armpit hair, he will have sexual stimulation and sexual satisfaction.

Nowadays, the dress style tends to be less and more exposed. Women go through less and more exposed, and their bodies are fully exposed. Compared with women’s smooth and beautiful body, axillary hair hinders the view. Rough and wild armpit hair is rejected by men.

For women with lip hair, men have a sense of psychological resistance, just as they resist homosexuality, which greatly reduces women’s beauty.

Although men hate lip hair, for girls under the age of 18, men like tiny fluff. This lip hair, like fetal hair, has a lovely feeling of being wet and childish.

Women generally don’t have much leg hair. Men like women without leg hair. Some women also have sparse long leg hair, which makes men feel strange. Especially when appreciating women’s beautiful legs in summer, seeing some long leg hair will disappoint men.

The reason why men don’t like women to have excess body hair is that they don’t think they should grow hair in those places.

In the heart of men, they always have perfect expectations for women. If the originally smooth skin grows hair that shouldn’t be long, women’s aesthetic score will be greatly reduced. Most men don’t pay much attention to the body hair of women’s private places. Most men don’t have the opportunity to see more body hair of women. The acceptance of body hair in this part is much wider, which won’t affect men’s interest in women too much.

However, men have a conflict with excessive and vigorous body hair in this part. In their view, excessive body hair in this part of women, first, excessive sexual desire, second, a sense of barbarism, and third, it will be dirty. Relatively speaking, many men prefer the thin and soft body hair here.

The hair in this part is the most imaginable for men in women’s body. Men love and hate it. They like the hair in women’s most private place. Being able to have close contact shows that they have this woman; What’s annoying is that men have perfect expectations for women’s body, and the body hair in this part is difficult to achieve the perfection expected by men.

The hair in a woman’s private place will also cause some men’s shame or guilt, because the hair in this part will cause men’s uncontrollable Association and temptation to sex.

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