Experience of laser hair removal

The so-called spring does not depilate, summer is sad. When summer comes, gorgeous and beautiful stripping is the last word. Nowadays, the existence of the huge market of hair removal has prompted many hair removal products to become active, and all kinds of hair removal creams, manual hair removal razors, wax hair removal and so on have flocked. However, the results of hair removal by these methods are not satisfactory. Laser hair removal machine, based on the principle of hair growth, completely removes hair from the root, and the effect is very remarkable. The following experience of laser hair removal machine treatment, let’s have a simple look.

The effect of laser hair removal is very good, but contraindications also exist. It is forbidden for pregnant women, those with inflammation on the skin surface and those with paralysis marks. For those with high expectations, explain the possible problems and normal reactions. If they are not accepted, they are generally not done. If the patient has depilated with other methods within 2 months, he must ask for treatment after an interval of 2 months.

During the treatment period, patients should be informed to avoid eating some spicy and irritating foods, such as onions, ginger, garlic, seafood, etc. Avoid smoking and alcohol, be sure to drink more water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, keep a happy mood and get enough sleep. Special attention should be paid to sunscreen on the face. Because the treated skin is sensitive to sunlight, it is prone to sunburn. Do not scratch the depilated area with your hands to prevent infection. When removing beard, if the patient’s sebaceous glands secrete more and the hair follicles are blocked, that is, folliculitis, it can be cured by applying baiduobang or tetracycline.

Laser hair removal machine is a kind of laser with the wavelength of 1064nm. Based on the rich melanin in hair stem and hair follicle, the temperature rises sharply after absorbing the energy of laser, and the tissue around hair follicle of hair ball and nipple is damaged by heat, which hinders the growth of hair. The pathology department once observed the tissue sections after treatment under the electron microscope, and the hair follicles were completely destroyed, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the hair. Because the machine adopts freezing point cooling system (patented technology song ensures that the epidermal tissue will not be damaged during hair removal and reduces the feeling of discomfort. In addition to the excellent function of removing hair, the laser hair removal machine also has the function of rejuvenating the skin, especially in the face. After removing the thick hair stem, the pores gradually shrink to make the skin smooth and tender. Therefore, the laser hair removal machine is an ideal treatment method for hirsutism, which is safe, effective, less painful and easy to operate.