Four instructions for laser hair removal

In the colorful and refreshing summer, although we can play with all kinds of clothes wantonly, we wear all kinds of cool clothes every day. However, in this way, too much hair under the armpits and easily exposed parts will be exposed at a glance, which will bring people a sense of untidy embarrassment. Therefore, I tried various hair removal methods and found that the more hair removal, the longer it grew. I was very upset. Based on the principle of hair growth, laser hair removal selectively destroys hair follicles, making them unable to provide nutrition for hair growth, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. The following four laser hair removal instructions should be paid attention to.

Note 1: multiple treatments can be completed

Remember we talked about three parts of the growth cycle of hair before? Because the laser only selectively destroys the hair follicles containing melanocytes, it only has an effect on the growing hair follicles, but has no effect on the stationary and declining hair follicles. At the same time, not all hair follicles are in the growth stage, so the effect of complete hair removal cannot be achieved after one treatment. The treatment should be repeated for 3 ~ 6 weeks, usually 3 ~ 4 times. In addition, the hair growth characteristics of different parts are different, which will also affect the number of depilation.

Note 2: ice compress is required after treatment

Although depilation is a selective destruction of hair follicles, thermal injury may cause a transient reaction of sebaceous glands and epidermis. Temporary erythema may appear after treatment, which is caused by the absorption of laser energy by epidermal melanin, which usually subsides within a few hours after treatment. Therefore, after treatment, local ice should be applied for about 30 minutes before leaving the hospital, and exposure should be avoided within 10 days.

Xuzhisan: “permanent hair removal” is just a concept

Color light and laser hair removal are not limited by age and gender, and are suitable for any part of the body. Whether it is excess black hair such as lip hair, neck hair, back hair, chest hair, limb body hair, hairline, bikini line, etc. The treatment process has only a slight sense of acupuncture, which can really achieve safe, painless and rapid hair removal.

After depilation, the number of hair will be significantly reduced, most hair will no longer grow, and the remaining very small amount of hair will only be small fluff with very light color and very fine and soft, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. The concept of “no hair after depilation” is not a permanent one.

Note 4: equipment and doctors determine the effect

The best effect of hair removal depends on safe and effective equipment and professional doctors, both of which are indispensable. General equipment, not only the hair is not clean, but also easy to cause skin burns. It is recommended that you choose a regular hospital for treatment, because the machines and equipment used there are not only advanced, but also subject to FDA certification by the State Food and drug administration. At the same time, they have experienced experts, trustworthy technology and thoughtful and regular services to ensure the treatment effect and safety.