How do you get rid of hair in summer? Help you evaluate 6 methods

  Summer is here. The armpit hair and leg hair that have been hidden for the whole winter should be quite luxuriant. what do I do?

  1. Pulling hair

  While pulling out one by one with tweezers, while screaming in pain, at the same time, he was relieved that the hair fell off one by one, so this is pain and happiness.

  Advantages: saving money, strong operability.

  Disadvantages: Pain is obvious, noise wastes the throat, and folliculitis can also occur. In addition, the effect of hair removal is only temporary.

  2. Hair removal wax

  The principle of hand pull is the same as hand pull, which belongs to violent forced demolition. Apply viscous wax to the hair removal area, then pull it hard, suddenly screaming.

  The difference between and artificial hair removal: beeswax hair removal is decapitation, which can be done with a single cut, while artificial hair removal is called a year (an ancient criminal law: 1,000 yuan).

  3. Chemical hair removal

  Chemical hair removal agent (thioglycolic acid) dissolves the hair into a gel through a chemical reaction, and then wipes or shaves it off.

  Advantages: Effective and easy to operate. If you want to make a temporary appointment, you can use it.

  Disadvantages: The hair removal effect lasts for a relatively short time, generally no more than 2 weeks; in addition, chemical hair removal agents have the risk of irritation and allergies, so try to avoid using them on the face, mainly for the legs and bikini-wearing parts.

  4. Shave

  Cutting the hair short with a razor will not cause the hair to become thicker, nor does it cause more and more shaved hair. If so, baldness can be saved.

  Advantages: The hair can be shortened quickly, and the cost is very cheap. After all, the razor can be used for a long time.

  Disadvantages: If the operation method is rough, it may cause skin abrasions and increase the risk of folliculitis.

  5. Medical laser hair removal

  should be the dominant player in hair loss surgery. Compared with hair removal, it is full of sense of science and technology, mainly using selective photothermal effect to act on the melanin in the hair, which can be converted into heat after absorbing the laser, destroying the hair follicle cells, so as to achieve the purpose of relatively permanent hair removal. Often the thicker the hair, the darker the color, and the greater the contrast with the skin tone, the better the hair removal effect.

  Advantages: high safety, mild adverse reactions.

  Disadvantages: It is mainly for hair growth, requires multiple treatments, and the cost is more expensive.

  6. Household epilator

  The safety of home epilators is still worthy of recognition, but because of its low energy, it can only damage and mutilate hair follicle cells, delay hair growth, but cannot achieve long-term hair removal effects, mainly for darker colors and diameters of leg hair, armpit hair, etc. Thicker hair is effective.

  Advantages: No need to go to the hospital often.

  Disadvantages: The functional ability is worse than that of medical laser hair removal.

  Finally, whether to pull, pull, or laser, depends on personal preference. If someone enjoys pain and happiness, please grit your teeth.

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