Hair removal light machine before and after hair removal

Best rated hair removal device before and after hair removal.

Laser hair removal laser system required reading before hair removal

  1. Strictly grasp the indications and contraindications. If you are not sure, please consult a professional doctor.
  2. Do not pull out the hair within 2 weeks before depilation. Shave the hair of the treatment part one day before treatment. If there is a wound after shaving, please wait until the wound is cured.
  3. Do not use depilatory cream, depilatory cream or other cosmetics before depilation.
  4. It is recommended to moisturize the skin 14 days before the treatment.
  5. Clean and bathe before depilation to ensure local skin hygiene.
  6. During the treatment, the laser has a certain warm feeling when passing through the skin, which is a normal phenomenon.

Strongest laser hair removal

  1. Do not use makeup and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid within 5 days after treatment, and use mild skin care formula.
  2. Do not use scrub, alcohol, antiperspirant, or wear tight clothes or silk stockings within 5 days after treatment.
  3. When bathing within 5 days after treatment, avoid showering hot water on the treatment site. Use warm water instead of baking sauna, steam bath, swimming in the swimming pool or beach.
  4. Do not drink alcohol within 5 days after treatment.
  5. Avoid sun exposure and other ultraviolet radiation during treatment, and choose sunscreen appropriately.
  6. If hair grows during treatment, it should be shaved with a razor.

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