Men with hairy legs and men without hairy legs

  Under normal circumstances, men tend to have much more hair on their legs than women. In the eyes of men, the hair on the legs is a sign of masculinity. But in daily life, some people have more hair on their legs and some people have less hair on their legs, which makes people puzzled. In fact, there are two reasons for this deviation:

  First, genetic issues must take the lead. Whether male or female, body hair status is affected by genetic factors. When the parents themselves belong to the person with strong hair, the child’s hair will be stronger. For example, if parents have more or less hair on their legs, their children will have more or less hair on their legs, but this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

  The other is the imbalance of hormone secretion. Different people have different physical conditions, and different physical conditions will lead to different hormone secretion results. For example, some people have more hair on their legs and some people have less hair on their legs, which may be related to the imbalance of hormone secretion. If the legs are hairy, it may be caused by high levels of androgen in the body. If there is little or no leg hair, it is likely that the secretion of androgens in the body is too low.

  Once the androgen in a woman’s body is relatively high, it is easy to be accompanied by symptoms such as irregular menstruation and infertility. In addition, if a woman suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, there will be excessive hair.

  Generally speaking, when other human body indicators are within the normal range, the imbalance of hormone secretion will more or less cause leg hair, which will not have any effect on the body, so we don’t need to worry.

  For most women, too much leg hair will really affect their appearance. They often try their best to remove leg hair.

  In daily life, there are three good ways to remove leg hair: one is to directly shave the legs with a razor or a special razor, but this method lasts for a short time; the other is to use hair removal products such as hair removal cream and beeswax Wait. But it won’t take long for this method to be able to’they grow taller in the spring breeze’, and Xiao Jiu will not say any sour use process; third, using laser hair removal, laser hair removal is a safe, fast, and Long-lasting hair removal technology, but requires multiple treatments and can remove more than 90% of the hair.

  The above three methods, you can choose according to your needs~

  ”What. Some people say that hairy legs represent strong desire…”

  No matter where the hair is long and thick, it has nothing to do with sexual desire, because in addition to hormones, our “that aspect” ability is also affected by other physical and psychological factors.

  ”Is it because a man with less hairy legs has a bad kidney?”

  Leg hair is caused by androgen secretion. If there is less hair on the legs, many people think that it is caused by the low secretion of androgens and poor kidney function. In fact, it is not. Men without hairy legs may secrete less androgen. If other male characteristics of men develop normally, you can rest assured that this will not have any effect on your body. Therefore, it is very unscientific for men with poor kidneys and less hairy legs.

  ”Also, will the hair on the legs get thicker and thicker?”

  I believe this statement is the most frequently heard, especially for women who value beauty. Summer is here and they shave their legs, so many people around me will say that their legs are getting hairier.

  In fact, the hair on the legs will not be thicker and thicker if they grow back after they are shaved. This is mainly because the tips of the legs look thinner before shaving. After the shave, the ends of the hair will be thicker, which makes the legs thicker visually.

  Originally, when the body is in a healthy state, the hair on the legs has little effect on human health, at most it affects the appearance. You can choose the method of hair removal according to your needs, but safety comes first.

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