How long does laser depilate do the second laser depilation? The time interval of each time is detailed

Core tip: laser hair removal uses selective photothermal energy to directly reach the root of hair follicle through the skin surface. The laser can selectively absorb light energy, and then kill the hair follicle, making the hair lose the ability of regeneration. The effect of laser hair removal is relatively good, but everyone’s physical condition is different, and the interval time of laser hair removal is also different.

Laser hair removal is a project applied for in autumn. Women who love beauty want to wear beautiful skirts, but if they have too much hair, they will look like little monkeys. I don’t know how many people will look at themselves with different eyes. Almost everyone will grow hair, whether men or women, but this is a very common thing for men. For women, this kind of thing can’t be careless, Next, let’s introduce the interval of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is to use selective photothermal energy to directly reach the root of hair follicle through the skin surface, so that the laser can selectively absorb light energy, so that the hair follicle tissue has a certain thermal effect, so that the hair loses the ability of regeneration, completely kill the hair follicle, and finally achieve the effect of hair removal. There are many types of laser hair removal. You can choose the appropriate hair removal method according to your own situation.

According to the hair cycle, laser hair removal can be divided into growth period, recession period and degenerative period. Laser has a good impact on the hair growth period. It is done 3 ~ 5 times continuously, with an interval of 2 ~ 3 months, and the effect is relatively significant. However, how long is the specific interval? It still needs to be analyzed comprehensively according to the situation of the beauty seeker. The beauty seeker had better choose the most formal local plastic surgery institution.

The effect of laser hair removal is quite good, because its speed is very fast and the coverage area will be relatively wide. Hair removal can be completed within 20 ~ 30 minutes. The use of timed cooling technology will not cause damage to skin tissue and nerves, let alone leave scars. It is highly targeted and can be adjusted according to the number and thickness of hair to remove body hair.

To sum up, it’s the best time for us to choose the laser treatment place, so as not to reduce the hair removal ability of the skin caused by depilation. In order to avoid the depilation effect caused by depilation caused by other laser treatment institutions, we can choose the best time.