How much do you know about laser hair removal?

Hair is divided into long hair, short hair and long hair. The growth cycle of hair can be divided into growth period, regression period and rest period. Generally, excessive hair refers to the increase of body surface hair. Most of them have a history of familial excessive hair and have no masculine performance.

The traditional treatment measures for excessive hair include chemical depilation, wax depilation, shaving, depilation and electrolytic depilation. The existing optical instrument treatment includes laser hair removal and photon hair removal. The lasers used for hair removal include ruby laser, semiconductor laser, emerald laser and Nd: YAG laser. The target of treatment is melanin in hair follicle. Photon hair removal has the same effect as laser hair removal. The target of treatment is melanin in hair follicle, but it is slightly more comfortable and less painful. When the hair is in the growth stage, the hair follicle contains more melanin. At this time, the effect of laser and photon therapy is good. However, not all hair is in the growth period, so depilation needs to be carried out many times. Generally, the interval time between different parts is different.

There are also corresponding precautions for laser hair removal, including: selecting formal medical institutions and experienced doctors; Do not use depilatory cream, depilatory cream and other cosmetics before depilation; It’s best to clean and bathe before depilation; When the laser passes through the skin, it has a certain sense of warmth, which is a normal phenomenon; After depilation, cold compress the depilated area for 10-15 minutes, and the depilated area should avoid exposure to the sun; Review 20-30 days after each depilation, and decide whether to carry out the next treatment or agree on the next treatment time after determining the effect.

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