How old can laser depilation be treated?

In principle, there is no age limit for laser hair removal, but it is generally recommended to consider hair removal treatment after adulthood, that is, after the age of 18.

Laser hair removal uses selective thermal damage to damage hair follicles, so as to destroy hair follicles and inhibit hair growth, which will produce radiation to a certain extent. In adolescence, the body hormone secretion is not stable, and the hair growth is not stable. Hair removal too early may have a poor effect, or it may stimulate some potential dormant hair follicles, but will form the phenomenon of hair hyperplasia. Therefore, it is recommended to receive laser treatment in adulthood, which will be safer and more reliable.

Laser hair removal is mainly for hair shedding treatment in the growth period, but it is basically ineffective for hair in the degenerative and resting periods, so it can be treated only when this part of hair circulates to the next growth period. It usually takes 3-5 times, and the treatment interval is about 1 month, which can achieve the ideal effect. If the hair is thick, it may take more than 5 times to achieve the ideal effect.

Pay attention to sunscreen during laser hair removal treatment to avoid direct sunlight at the hair removal part. Just after depilation, the skin is dry and sensitive to the surrounding environment. You can do appropriate moisturizing and skin care.

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