How to depilate better? Check the advantages and disadvantages of various hair loss methods

Core tip: in summer, many women choose depilation to remove excess body hair. There are many kinds of depilation methods, including blade scraping, tweezers pulling, depilation cream, wax depilation and laser depilation. Different methods have different effects. You can choose the appropriate depilation method according to your own requirements.

Female friends who love beauty hope to wear beautiful clothes in summer, but women with more body hair will be embarrassed to wear short skirts and clothes with bare arms, so many women will choose various ways to depilate. Hair removal is divided into temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal. Both methods are more effective and suitable for women with different requirements. But which hair removal method is better? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Now let’s take an inventory.

  1. Blade scraping method. Generally, you can choose men’s razor or a razor specially developed for women. This method is simple and easy to operate. It can not only remove hair quickly, but also has little pain. It can be carried out at any time. It is especially suitable for axillary hair shaving. The disadvantage is that the hair root remains in the skin, the hair will grow again, and the hair will be black and thick.
  2. Forceps pulling method. This method of pulling out with tweezers is suitable for the hair on eyebrows or forehead. This depilation method, because the hair is uprooted, although it does not significantly damage the hair follicle, the hair growth will be very slow. The disadvantage is that it hurts and is easy to be allergic.
  3. Depilatory cream method. Depilation cream contains chemical components. Depilation is very rapid. You only need to apply the depilation cream to the parts of the body to be depilated. Generally, after 3-5 minutes, you can complete depilation with a towel. Not only convenient, but also no pain. The disadvantage is that hair grows fast and needs to be depilated frequently.
  4. Wax depilation. This hair removal method is very simple, that is, apply honey wax on the hair that needs to be removed, and then tear it off like adhesive tape, and the hair will be pulled out. Hair removal is rapid and simple, suitable for hairy parts such as lower legs. The disadvantage is that it hurts too much, and it is easy to cause skin allergy, redness, swelling and folliculitis.
  5. Laser hair removal. Use the heat generated by laser to go deep into the hair follicle at the bottom of the skin, destroy the hair follicle structure, make the hair follicle lose activity, shrink and no longer grow hair. This depilation method is called permanent depilation. Depilation is rapid and complete. The disadvantage is that there will be tingling during depilation, and the skin is easy to be allergic. Laser depilation can be completed many times. It must be done for enough time to achieve the permanent depilation effect.

The above several hair removal methods can quickly and effectively remove excess hair. The difference is that many hair removal methods are temporary and the hair will grow again, while laser hair removal method is permanent hair removal. As long as enough treatment is done, the hair can be completely removed. Women can choose suitable hair removal methods according to their own requirements, but it is very important to pay attention to skin care after hair removal.