How to depilate quickly? How to get rid of embarrassing hair in daily life?

The body has a lot of hair, such as hair, nose hair, hand hair, foot hair, armpit hair, pubic hair, etc. some hair is disorderly, which is not only not beautiful, but also impolite in interpersonal communication, such as armpit hair.

If from a health point of view, some hair is easy to breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell. For this reason, many people want to take it off quickly!

However, some people do not understand the growth cycle of hair follicles and use the wrong methods, which is not only easy to leave slightly thick black hair on the skin.

It may also be caused by improper depilation, causing dark brown pigment precipitation in the depilated part, or even severe depilation, hair follicle inflammation and damage.

Therefore, we should tell you that only by choosing the appropriate hair removal method from different hair removal methods can we easily solve the problem of hair.

Hair follicle growth cycle:

Many people don’t know that the skin under each hair follicle has a different growth cycle! Generally, it can be divided into growth period, degradation period and resting period.

Hair length and hair follicle growth cycle ultimately depend on the hair of different parts, such as the long growth time of hair and beard.

Growth period:

Hair cells began to divide and grow, and hair roots began to grow and thicken.

Degradation period:

Hair cells stop dividing, hair no longer grows, and hair follicles gradually shrink.

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