Isn’t laser hair removal suitable for everyone?

Winter is about to pass, and women’s clothes will be more fashionable and cooler. After a whole winter of protection and “growth”, small hairs will be exposed unscrupulously, which is really harmful to elegance. So those girls who love beauty try their best to get rid of these hateful “trouble silk”.

The deputy chief physician of the laser beauty Department of the hospital Beauty Center said that if the way is improper, be careful to pay the price for beauty!

Hairy constitution is not equal to hirsutism

As summer approached, Xiaoxue, a sophomore, became irritable because she always felt that she had a lot of sweat on her legs and arms, and the girls in her bedroom had particularly smooth and white skin. When shopping a few days ago, she saw someone selling depilators in the counter. She wondered whether she should also buy one and try it back.

Expert advice: in fact, there are not a few girls like Xiaoxue. They often ask too much for beauty, and their normal body hair becomes redundant in their eyes. True hirsutism generally refers to excessive hair growth in some parts, with a male tendency. From the perspective of skin health, doctors do not advocate depilation. Unless it is a last resort, don’t depilate easily.

Depilation should be started in advance

Many people think that hair removal is a matter of summer, so they always have to wait until the heat wave is rolling to think of hair removal, especially those customers who choose laser hair removal. Often the hair removal is over and the summer has come to an end.

Expert advice: laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. It is more suitable for people with light skin color and deep hair. The treatment scope is locked in “dark pigment”. If your skin color is deep, the laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause white spots or black spots. After that, it often takes several months to recover gradually.

Therefore, if you want to show your beauty in summer, it’s time to start preparing now. In addition, the depilation site should be sunscreen one week before treatment and two weeks after treatment. The depilation site should not be depilated two weeks before treatment.

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