Summer beauty artifact: home hair removal devices are very popular.

  With the advent of summer, girls began to put on beautiful little skirts. At the same time, the “hair removal war” also began: razors, beeswax, hair removal cream, diode laser hair removal in beauty salons, these are all traditional method. In recent years, as home hair removal devices have entered the Chinese market, various bloggers and celebrities have jointly promoted them and have been welcomed by women and their sales have risen steadily.

  Can the home hair removal device remove hair permanently?

  Many consumers have a misunderstanding when buying. Is it true that they will not regenerate hair after using an epilator? The answer is no. Let us unify the concepts of permanent hair removal and permanent hair removal: The clinical understanding is that hair does not regenerate during a hair growth cycle. Many people do Understand that permanent hair removal is a lifetime matter. The hair removal device can permanently inhibit hair growth, but it is not permanent hair removal, and it cannot be done once and for all by one product.

  The biggest difference between a domestic laser hair removal machine and a beauty salon hair removal device is that the power of a beauty salon hair removal device is hundreds or even thousands, while a domestic hair removal device is generally about tens of watts, so there is a gap in the effect of hair removal. For example, the frequency of hair removal in a beauty salon is Once a month, the domestic hair removal device is 1-2 times a week. But the price of hair removal in beauty salons is also more expensive. In terms of cost performance, home hair removal devices have more advantages.

  Hair removal category has the fastest growth rate

  With the upgrading of consumption and the innovative blessing of beauty products by black technology, the beauty and makeup market in China has developed rapidly. Among the many categories with substantial sales growth, hair removal laser has undoubtedly become the fastest growing category. Not only that, the products are constantly being updated and upgraded to better meet the needs of consumers.

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