Laser hair removal is easy, but not everyone is suitable for it!

Everyone’s body grows sweat. Some people’s sweat is very light and can hardly be seen, while some people’s sweat is very heavy and will even be ridiculed as “bringing their own wool pants”. In fact, boys are better. After all, boys’ sweat seems to be a normal thing, but many girls are very distressed about the problem of their own sweat. After all, who doesn’t want a smooth body, This has led many girls to choose hair removal.

  1. If you are a person who likes sunbathing and have just been exposed to the sun recently, you can’t do laser hair removal. The skin after exposure will be relatively fragile and there are some wounds invisible to the naked eye. If laser hair removal is carried out at this time, it is easy to produce stress reaction or allergy, so one month before laser hair removal, No sunbathing or exposure.
  2. The last one is not suitable for laser hair removal. I believe everyone can understand that pregnant women and pregnant women during lactation are relatively sensitive. Try to avoid laser hair removal. If you really want hair removal, try to wait for half a year after production before laser hair removal.

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