Laser hair removal magic hair removal

There are many depilation methods. Most of the traditional depilation methods are temporary depilation, also known as non-medical depilation. The most common methods are shaving, using depilation wax, depilation cream, depilation wax paper, shaver, etc. These methods are simple, convenient and can be operated by themselves, but they can not fundamentally solve the problem because they do not destroy hair follicles. Compared with non-medical hair removal, medical hair removal is mostly carried out by laser or color light, so it is also called laser hair removal. Many people only know a little about laser hair removal and think that the biggest advantage of laser hair removal is complete and lasting. In fact, you don’t know that laser hair removal has three miracles, which are not only so simple.

Magic one: gentle destruction between light and heat transformation

The principle of laser hair removal is as follows: hair follicles in the growth stage are rich in melanocytes. Choose the light sensitive to melanocytes. After the melanin in the hair follicle selectively absorbs the light of this specific wavelength, and exchange the heat energy. The light energy is transformed into heat energy. The heat energy can enter the hair follicle along the hair rod. The protein of the hair follicle is destroyed and solidified by energy, and the hair follicle and growth stem cells lose growth activity, Unable to provide nutrition to stop hair growth.

Magic 2: hair removal and skin beautification

During hair removal with color light and laser, part of the light wave can also be absorbed by the red pigment and melanin on the skin. The dark pimples that are not absorbed by the light can appear on the dark pores of the hair follicles. More miraculously, the skin will be stimulated by light again and again, the subcutaneous collagen will proliferate, and the skin will become smooth and elastic. If it happens locally, there are some superficial spots such as sunburn and freckles, which will also be diluted under the action of light. With the distance of small pimples, black spots and pigment deposition, the skin becomes tender, white and smooth.

Magic 3: no damage to skin and sweat glands

The colored light or laser enters the dermis and is selectively absorbed by the melanocytes in the hair and hair follicle to produce photothermal effect. However, other tissues around the hair follicle do not contain melanin and do not absorb these lights, so it will not cause damage to other tissues. Therefore, permanent hair removal will not damage the skin and sweat glands, and will not affect the perspiration after treatment. Skin burns rarely occur, without damage and scab. Moreover, the computer controls the operation procedure and time, which can adjust the treatment parameters according to the hair of different thickness (thin lip hair, thick and hard leg hair, chest hair), with high accuracy, and can achieve the effect of removing hair while avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue.

The reason why laser hair removal is so magical is that it is mainly based on the principle of hair growth. By selectively destroying hair follicles, it can not provide nutrition for hair growth, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal has changed the phenomenon of “tufted hair” for many women with hirsutism, which is known as the most magical hair removal.