Please pay attention to the five misunderstandings of depilation

Everyone has hair on his body. If he takes off his hair, he can turn white~

There are three kinds of hair in our body

The first is long and thick, with color and large diameter. It is called terminal hair, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, armpits and pubic hair.

The second kind is very slender, such as the hair on the arm.

The third is fetal hair, which falls off naturally after we are born.

Different body hairs have their own functions. For example, nose hairs help protect our nasal mucosa, eyebrows shape the beauty of our face, and private hair prevents the invasion of pathogens.

As for the sweat and armpit hair on our arms and legs, sometimes it will affect the beauty, so we can choose to take it off

When choosing hair removal, we should pay attention to the following five misunderstandings!

1、 Will the hair be scraped more, thicker and darker?

No, no, no, No.

If this is the case, we still need to worry about our hairline moving back?

Just keep shaving!

Hair is mostly a state of thick root and thin head, from thick to thin. If you remove the thin part above, you will naturally see the thick part at the bottom, so it will give you the illusion that the thicker you scrape.

People’s hair itself is a form of thick root and thin head, from thick to thin.

In addition, the thickness of human hair, the number and color of hair follicles are mostly determined by genetics and hormone levels. Depilation may have so much ability to change these~

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