Principle of compound color light depilation

Treatment principle of compound color light depilation:

Composite color light depilation adopts the principle of selective photopyrolysis of patented strong pulse light source, and uses the absorption of melanin cells in hair follicles to generate heat for hair follicles, so as to increase the hair follicle temperature. When the temperature rises to high enough, the hair follicle structure is irreversibly damaged, and the damaged hair follicles are removed after a natural physiological process, So as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. It has no damage to normal epidermis.

Advantages of compound color light depilation:

Compound color light depilation can achieve permanent depilation effect. Adjustable pulse width can remove hair of different thickness, whether it is thin lip hair, thick and hard leg hair and chest hair; The pain of depilation is very small, only a slight sense of acupuncture, and skin burns rarely occur.

Why do you need 3-5 times of compound color light depilation:

The growth cycle of hair can be divided into three stages: growth period, transition period and rest period. Depilation is mainly aimed at destroying hair follicles during the growth period to achieve the effect of depilation. When the hair is in the growth period, its hair follicle is fully developed, and the hair follicle contains black that determines the hair color. At this time, if the long pulse photon irradiation with a specific wavelength is used, the melanin can be destroyed to achieve the purpose of hair removal of hair follicle atrophy.

But generally speaking, the human body’s hair state coexists in three growth cycles. Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, it is necessary to receive more than 3 to 5 times of treatment in order to completely destroy the hair in the growth period and achieve the best hair removal effect. Compound color light depilation is to remove hair without damaging the epidermis. The operation time is short. Daily activities and physical exercise can be carried out after operation without special care. It has the advantages of fast, no pain, lasting effect and no damage to the epidermis. It is obviously superior to traditional methods and laser depilation.

Indications of compound color light depilation:

It can effectively remove any part of the body, such as face, armpit, back, legs and bikini line – hair of different depth, color and texture. The main scope of hair removal is still concentrated in armpit, both upper and lower limbs, female upper lip, male cheek, neck and chest.

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