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Will it grow again after laser depilation?

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Whether the hair may grow longer after laser depilation is affected by many factors, such as whether the individual hair is vigorous, whether the treatment is interrupted, whether the treatment times are sufficient, whether the treatment time is appropriate, etc.…

Do you know the history of laser hair removal?

home laser machine for hair removal

Excess hair is a universal beauty problem perplexing women and men. The traditional hair removal methods include shaving, wax hair removal, tweezers, mechanical hair removal, chemical reagent hair removal, etc. their role is only temporary. The common disadvantage is that…

Characteristics of semiconductor hair removal

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Semiconductor hair removal: painless, safe and efficient Painless: The large area of the bald head allows 100-150 hairs to be disposed of in each operation (depending on the location). Because the sealed circulating water cooling system is built in the…