The concept and advantages of freezing point depilation

Freezing point depilation is the most advanced permanent laser depilation method at present. According to the principle of selective photothermal action, it revolutionizes the use of freezing point semiconductor laser depilation instrument. The laser penetrates the skin surface to keep the hair follicle at a certain temperature, mildly inactivates the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, and achieves the purpose of permanent depilation. It can cool and painlessly remove excess hair in a large area, effectively protect the surrounding skin, and enable beauty lovers to depilate quickly.


Hit the hair root and never regenerate

This hair removal method can penetrate the epidermis, enter the dermis, completely shrink the hair follicle and hair stem, and produce permanent hair removal. The other mouth straight around the hair follicle does not contain melanin particles, so it does not absorb this laser, will not cause harm, safer and more thorough.

The world’s top technology, the gold standard of hair removal

Take the lead in introducing the world’s first hair removal equipment, which is fast and complete, safe and painless, and the effect is better than other optical equipment with one machine and multiple functions.

The effect is immediate

Freezing point hair removal adopts the classic semiconductor hair removal laser hair removal technology. Its wavelength is 810nm and can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue. After nearly 15 years of clinical verification, it is known as the gold standard of hair removal laser.

Safe and painless

This hair removal technology reduces the heat energy of a single irradiation and increases the irradiation frequency. It does not affect the perspiration. During the treatment, there is a rare white gem to treat the bald head. During the treatment, the white gem window is close to the skin to cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees, which effectively protects the normal skin from thermal damage and has no discomfort during the treatment.


The freezing point depilation adopts a new pulse mode and repetition frequency. Through technical advantages, the depilation speed can be increased to 3-5 times of the previous one, making the depilation in a large area easier. It is controlled by computer and easy to operate, which makes it very easy for operators and experimenters.

Freezing point laser hair removal adopts 810nm semiconductor laser of laser hair removal gold standard. Through specially designed double pulse laser, only lower energy density irradiates the skin. Lido heats the skin tissue and hair follicle through the first laser pulse of the epidermis. The second pulse selectively raises the hair follicle temperature to about 45 degrees. The sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle maintains this temperature for a period of time, and the hair follicle and growth stem cells lose growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal.

The biggest difference in mechanism between freezing point depilation and traditional laser depilation is that traditional laser depilation requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, while freezing point depilation gently makes hair follicles automatically lose activity, so it can achieve the purpose of long-term depilation without over stimulating the skin and avoiding pain or risk.