The hair removal effect is the best during hair growth

Most hairy women have low self-esteem and dare not talk to others. In the long run, it will cause the bad character of autism. Beijing facial depilation experts said: the best way to solve this problem is laser depilation.

According to experts, many female friends have done a lot of facial hair removal operations before, but they all reflect that it will not be long before the hair grows again, which makes them depressed and puzzled. In this regard, experts explain that there are three growth periods of hair: growth period, quiescent period and degenerative period.

When the hair is in the growth period, there will be a large number of pigment particles in the hair follicle, and only at this time can a large amount of laser energy be absorbed. Therefore, laser hair removal is very effective for the hair in the growth period, and there will be relatively less hair pigment when the hair follicle is in the degenerative and resting period, At this time, the therapeutic effect of laser will be relatively weak. For facial hair removal, in fact, laser hair removal is mainly to avoid injury and pain, and can also help us solve this problem at one time. Therefore, this treatment project is very popular now.

In fact, there are many facial depilation operations in our life that can help us depilate, but when we depilate, we should pay attention to that it is important to choose the right time. If the time is wrong, the effect of laser depilation will be relatively weak, so we won’t depilate completely, Another thing to pay attention to when depilating is to conduct a systemic examination first. Some people with skin inflammation should treat the inflammation first and then depilate.

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