The next boiled egg girl is you in these four steps

There are three ways of hair removal:

  1. Remove the hair from the skin surface, scrape it off with a razor and melt it with depilatory cream.
  2. There are wax depilation and sugar depilation.
  3. Destroy hair follicles, including electric hair removal and laser hair removal.

The first one is painless and cheap, which is very suitable for novices, but it is easy to leave small black spots, but as long as you do the following four steps correctly, the next boiled egg girl is you!

  1. Rub your legs in a bath to prevent dead cells on your skin from clogging your pores.
  2. Before using razor, apply hot towels to your legs to soften your hair and apply special foam to reduce skin irritation.

Use depilatory cream to do skin allergy test first, keep the depilatory area dry, cut the long hair with scissors, and apply sufficient depilatory cream.

  1. Use wax or sugar to remove the hair from the root. Tangtuo is recommended. It doesn’t hurt that much.
  2. Apply moisturizing cream after depilation and do not expose to the sun.

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