There are 5 common hair removal methods. You might as well try!

Nowadays, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and more and more skin is exposed. Many women have the problem of strong hair. There are a lot of hairs on the skin, which makes them feel particularly troubled. First of all, you can choose the following healthy ways to solve the problem of hair removal

What are the methods of depilation?

  1. Shave with a razor

The method of depilation with a razor is primitive, but this method is very simple and affordable, and has little irritation to the skin. However, it should be noted that when depilating with a razor, we must pay attention to the technique and don’t scratch the skin. In addition, you should use your own shaving knife. Don’t mix it with others to avoid cross infection. It’s best to disinfect it before use.

  1. Wax depilation

Wax depilation is also used by many women, that is, stick the wax to the skin that needs depilation, and then tear it off at once. This method is very cool, but it also hurts. This kind of depilation is rough, it will easily hurt the skin, and the pain is also strong. If you want to depilate in a large area, it is recommended not to use this method, which is really too painful.

  1. Laser hair removal

These regular depilation methods do not require permanent depilation. If you want permanent hair removal, you can choose the way of laser hair removal, which is to selectively absorb the melanin in the hair follicle through the laser of a specific wavelength, produce thermal effect and make the hair follicle necrosis. Compared with the above four hair removal methods, laser hair removal can achieve permanent results. It should be noted that laser hair removal can not be completed at one time. It needs several times of hair removal to achieve the effect of complete hair removal. Step by step.

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