What are the hazards of laser hair removal?

When the hot summer comes, many people want to get rid of their “hands and feet” and choose laser hair removal. Of course, many people worry that laser hair removal will do serious harm to the body, so they dare not use it. What harm does laser depilation have?

Damage hair follicles

Although laser hair removal will not cause damage to the surface of the skin, heat and light act on the deep layer of the skin, which will damage the hair follicle and shrink it. There may be slight redness or local edema at the treatment site, which usually disappears within 12-24 hours. The skin cutin after operation is very thin.

There are hidden dangers of pigment changes in laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a non stripping dynamic therapy, which uses the selective principle of laser. Different wavelengths can be absorbed by different skin pigments. It is easy to have the problem of pigment darkening or pigment whitening. For example, laser hair removal is easy to burn the epidermis due to excessive energy, or it is ineffective due to insufficient energy.

Affect perspiration function

Sweating of the human body is accomplished through the sweat hair on the body. Taking it off in this way will certainly have an impact on this function. Therefore, laser hair removal is easy to affect the normal perspiration function of skin pores.

May leave scars

Laser hair removal requires the quality of therapeutic instruments. Poor quality instruments are very easy to cause skin burns or scars.

The harm of laser hair removal is related to the laser used in laser hair removal. Because the hair removal laser will only destroy the hair follicle cells in the growth stage, but not completely destroy the hair follicles in the resting stage and degenerative stage, some hair follicles will regenerate. Therefore, laser hair removal must go through three or four courses of treatment to achieve permanent hair removal. Each treatment must be separated by one to two months.

The so-called permanent depilation means that if the hair cannot grow again after more than one growth cycle of the hair, it can be called permanent depilation. The growth cycle of the hair follicle will vary according to the location of the hair. For example, the growth cycle of the beard is about four months, while the back hair grows to one year. The postoperative observation time can be determined according to the hair of different parts. If the hair does not grow after this observation time, it can be called permanent depilation.

Ideal hair removal method, laser hair removal is fast, permanent, no side effects, and can remove large areas of hair at one time. There is no need to worry about the harm of laser hair removal. Laser depilation can achieve permanent depilation effect in a painless way, but it also needs several treatments. Therefore, when selecting depilation method, the depilation position and area may be considered. Only electroacupuncture can achieve permanent hair removal at one time, but this method can only remove a small part of hair at a time, which will have the side effects of skin burning and injury.

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