What can’t you eat after depilation? Avoid 4 kinds of food after depilation

Core tip: now there are more and more girls doing laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can help girls eradicate hair and quickly have smooth and beautiful muscles. However, the effect of some girls’ hair removal is not ideal. The root cause is that the postoperative care is not done well. In addition to skin care, postoperative care should also pay attention to taboos, such as light sensitive food, spicy and irritant food, alcohol and seafood are all foods that should be avoided after hair removal.

Summer is the season for women to wear suspenders and hot pants to show their figure. However, for beautiful women with strong body hair, summer is more embarrassing. Accidentally exposing arm hair and armpit hair can be described as quite a bad scenery. Hair removal has become the focus of discussion among female friends in summer. Laser hair removal is a popular method. Although laser hair removal has good effect, postoperative care can not be careless, Postoperative care includes skin care and dietary taboos, so what can’t you eat after depilation? What foods should I avoid after depilation? Let’s learn more about it.

  1. Spicy food

After depilation, you can’t eat spicy and irritant food. It’s best to eat less irritant food such as pepper, pepper, pepper, ginger and mustard. You can’t eat spicy hot pot and spicy hot pot. Eating spicy and irritant food is unfavorable to the skin recovery of depilation.

  1. Photosensitive food

After laser hair removal, the skin will become sensitive. If you don’t pay attention to sunscreen and let the skin receive ultraviolet radiation, the skin will turn black. In addition, avoid light sensitive foods after laser hair removal. Light sensitive foods include sauerkraut, lettuce, fennel, amaranth, shepherd’s purse, celery, radish leaves, spinach, buckwheat, etc. in addition, you can’t eat light sensitive drugs, such as tetracycline, griseofulvin, sulfonamides, naphthyridic acid, phenergan, ketamine, chlorpromazine and other phenothiazines and estrogens. These drugs and foods will cause physical sensitivity, Causes the skin to have the sunlight dermatitis, then causes the skin to blacken.

  1. Alcohol

Do not drink alcohol after laser hair removal. Drinking will lead to the increase of skin temperature. Originally, the skin will be slightly red and swollen after laser hair removal. Drinking will aggravate the discomfort of the skin and lead to continuous itching and redness of the skin.

  1. Seafood

Seafood foods such as oysters, deep-sea fish, shrimp, etc. if female friends are allergic, they may be allergic after eating, causing skin sensitivity and affecting the recovery of skin after depilation. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid seafood after depilation. Generally, it is best to avoid seafood for about a week.

Through the above introduction, I believe you should know something about the foods you should avoid after depilation. After depilation, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially vegetables and fruits with high vitamin C content, which is helpful for recovery, because vitamin C can block melanin production and avoid the problem of skin tanning after depilation.