Will it grow again after laser depilation?

Whether the hair may grow longer after laser depilation is affected by many factors, such as whether the individual hair is vigorous, whether the treatment is interrupted, whether the treatment times are sufficient, whether the treatment time is appropriate, etc.

Laser hair removal is mainly aimed at long-term hair loss treatment, but it is basically ineffective for hair in degenerative and resting stages. Therefore, in order to completely eradicate hair removal treatment, it needs multiple courses of treatment, usually 3-5 times, and the treatment interval is about 1 month, which can achieve the ideal effect. However, some people have thick hair and need more than 5 times to achieve ideal results.

Usually, some people can achieve permanent removal after hair removal treatment. However, if the patient has strong androgen secretion or polycystic ovary syndrome, most of them will grow again after laser hair removal. The main purpose of hair removal is to minimize hair, but the new hair will become thinner and softer, and the growth speed will be slower. It still has a certain effect.

During laser hair removal treatment, pay strict attention to sunscreen to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Just after depilation, the skin is dry and sensitive to the surrounding environment. You can do appropriate moisturizing and skin care. In case of abnormal conditions, such as blisters, scalds or scars, professional doctors need to consult and deal with them accordingly.

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