Will laser hair removal grow after one year? Several attentions let you have smooth and beautiful muscles

Core tip: laser hair removal is based on the principle of photothermal dynamics, which generally will not rebound. After the laser, the hair will not grow again, but there may be some after the first time. When the laser treatment is effective, the hair follicles of the hair will shrink, usually 2 to 3 times.

I believe many beauty loving female friends use several hair removal creams almost every summer in order to remove their body hair and hair and restore smooth and white skin. But the biggest problem with this hair removal product is that the hair will grow again after a period of time. Many girls feel very upset about this. Therefore, some people directly adopt a new hair removal technology – laser hair loss and beauty. This method can shrink the hair follicles on the surface of our body and inhibit the development of hair follicle glands. Therefore, it is generally necessary to do it at least two to three times before it will not grow again.

1、 Will laser hair removal grow after one year?

Because laser hair removal technology mainly uses photothermal power for effective hair removal. Generally, there will be no rebound, and there will be no recurrence and growth even after a year. However, it should be noted that this hair removal technology can not be done once and for all. It needs to be done at least twice to inhibit hair follicle regeneration. More Than This. Because the laser will affect the skin pigment of the human body to a certain extent, causing black spots or white spots. Therefore, it needs to be removed several times during the growth cycle of hair.

2、 How many times should laser hair loss be done?

As we all know, all functional tissues of our body have a certain growth cycle in order to ensure normal metabolism. The hair growth on the skin surface is the same, which can be divided into growth period, recession period and rest period. Only in the early stage of growth, laser hair loss can have the effect of permanent hair removal. In order to avoid growing again after a year, doctors recommend doing it two or three times. Friends who are afraid of pain suggest that vacuum laser technology can be adopted. This method will neither have a burning sensation nor worry about affecting the skin nerves.

Because laser hair removal will destroy the tissue around the hair follicle, generally speaking, new hair will not grow after hair removal, but sometimes there will be individual differences. There may be red patches or pigmentation in the depilated area, which will subside after a period of time. Therefore, the more times of treatment, the more likely it is to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. If the number of hair removal treatment is too small, the effect of treatment will be temporary.